When you feel isolated from the real world (and depressed)

The problem of isolating yourself from the real-time world is probably the most difficult one… but at the same time if you think objectively about it then its somewhat odd and maybe ironic (cutting down and dumping the the “wonders” of the world, right? ). However, when you look at it subjectively, from your own self, it doesn’t seem like it. You feel so trapped inside yourself, that you don’t live in the real world anymore. Everything inside you is so depressed – the emotions, the will to do anything, the simple pleasures of life don’t make sense to you anymore. You’re trapped in the <bad> experiences that had happened with you, first of all your personal life experiences (losing trust, losing very close people, intimate partners, abuse, or feeling as if you’re not fitting in into this world due to some reasons) and then what you see in your surroundings – how people are not nice to each other, mean, you see murders and terrorist attacks each time you open internet or reading news. You are so preoccupied with the negative that you see around you.

And your reaction is to block yourself from all this bad things, you dont want to be a part of this mess and once and again experience hurt for yourself and for people close to you.

And that’s the moment you socially and emotionally detach yourself. You just cant handle it. But with that numbing of feelings you are also deprived of the basic need of humans – to Feel, and mostly to…connect and interact with others. (That’s by the way how we learn in this world– by talking, sharing). Maybe if you’re feeling that you don’t have a meaning to live.. its because you don’t have a close, stable relationship with a like-minded person next to you, with who you interact often.

You see…there’s really not much fun in this world if you eliminate a human factor – who to joke with, to cuddle, to share what an awesome day or “discovery” you made (even if its just in your head :P), with whom to do these fun activities like fishing, playing volleyball, playing cards, monopoly, or …hide-and-seek. We need company.

But sometimes, good company is hard to find and hard to keep in your life. Its not easy to find “your” person or people.

We have to maybe remember that : there always was, there is, and there will be bad in the world. What if our news are just showing us more bad things than there actually is in the world just because its seeking attention from us? (the things that grab a human mind is : disaster, sex, power, fame).

Have you thought even about popular books that you’re reading or… art pieces you are so admired by or music that is so soothing to your “soul” or music that you feel which just “fits” you, that expresses your hidden emotions and feelings? Most of them are written by people who were not happy with something in their lives and world around them, they also were depressed and unhappy…But thats what made sense to Them. Even Picasso said : The world makes no sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?”

One thought that gives me solitude is that…. there is no OTHER world, you are given This world. There is no other dimension you can live in than Here. You have to learn to accept the world you live in (where bad will always exist) and then give a piece (or even better a huge, enormous chunk) of yourself to it. Even if it maybe sometimes makes no sense of what you are doing and for what.. 😛 (remembered a GIF right now : Your aren’t doing it wrong if no one knows what you’re doing 😉 )

And remember. You are not the only one suffering in this state of mind. You are not the only person who sees hopelessness, has sense of meaninglessness, there are Plenty other people right now in this exact moment feeling the same.

And… so that you don’t once again detach yourself 😛 , here’s what Albert Einstein said : “IF we think about how we live and what our goals are, then soon it will be obvious to us that almost all of our doings and deeds are Somehow connected with existence of other people…We eat food produced by other people, wear clothes produced by other people and live in houses built by others. A person is not important on his own, but as a member of a multitudinous human society, which gives him a direction/ guide for his material and non-material life.. from birth till death. ” (this is my own translation from Russian). Because we have this instinct of collectivism – and its present in all animal world – zebras, elephants, horses etc go travel and move about with their herds, and try to protect their young ones ; play with one another and help out when in trouble.

So maybe the only reason that makes sense to live .. is to have fun and play? (meanwhile doing other “important” things of course 😉 )


Have a nice day.


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